On your first visit, we need to get to know you, understand your health history, and learn about the specific reasons you have chosen to see us.

We start that process by asking our patients to provide background information, review our office policies, and, when necessary, provide required authorizations for us to access the patient's prior medical records. 

You can save time in the office on your first visit by downloading these forms and completing them at home before you arrive.

If you have any questions about the information requested, please call the office during regular business hours.

Comprehensive Pain Consultation for Complex Pain Syndromes

Have you seen several physicians who have been unable to give you a comprehensive diagnosis, or answer your questions completely? Are you starting to get frustrated, feeling let down by the medical system and not fully achieving your potential with complementary medical treatments? Dr. Fausett offers an in-depth pain consultation. The doctor will review your records, examine you, and most importantly listen to you. Please call the office for more details. Because of the length of time such an analysis takes, Dr. Fausett does only one in-depth consultation per week.