Pain Should Not Define You. Let Us Help You Take Back Your Life. Los Angeles-based Pain Management and Treatment Los Angeles-based Pain Management and Treatment 

Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to helping you create a higher quality of life. We help those suffering from back and neck pain, muscle and nerve injuries, disease, and often just the wear and tear of everyday life. We offer the latest treatments and therapies, with understanding and compassion.  

Our Doctor

This is the medical practice of Hilary J. Fausett, M.D. Harvard-trained and co-editor of the widely used Manual for Pain Management, Dr. Fausett is a leading practitioner of pain medicine, offering the most current therapies and procedures.

Our Location

With offices in Pasadena and Glendale, we offer easy access to our services from the 134, 2 and 210 Freeways. All locations are wheelchair accessible and designed for your convenience, comfort, and privacy. Contact us today


About Hilary J. Fausett, MD